Welcome to St. Peter’s Anglican Church a church under the Anglican Diocese of New England. Here in the United States, we are based in Boston Massachusetts. We are a church that strives to build a community that is rooted in God’s word and that desires to others to Christ in love and discipleship we cherish their holy scriptures because we know that through this ministry Christ should be at the centre of all that we do.

A family is the smallest unit of any community but we know very well that the institution of a family or marriage was started by God himself. So through their family, we are able to express God’s love and compassion to all those that are around us for any community to stand. They need excellent leadership.

We desire to be a church that develops leaders that will draw many to the kingdom of God for his glorification thank you so much for visiting our Web site.

We believe that the Lord will minister to you through the ministry that we have on this way on this platform we desire that you will partner with us in reaching out to the many people who haven’t yet known the Lord. I am Reverend Amos Kimera the Rector of St. Peter’s Anglican Church. Thank you so much for visiting our Web site.