I greet you in the name of our Lord  Jesus Christ. St. Peter’s Men’s group is part of St. Peter’s Anglican Church of Uganda in Belmont-Massachusetts. The men (Abaami) are entirely God fearing, family oriented, and are from all walks of life. The men’s group was started when the church opened it’s doors to all Christians. The leader of the group is elected every two years to represent the men on the vestry.
The following are the past leaders to current, since its inception almost 12 years ago.
1. Ssalongo Kafeero-2009-2011
2. Omulangira Duncan Kayondo -2011-2013
3. Steven Kiguli Mmembe -2013-2015
4. Eddie Jackson Kawungu – 2015-2017
5. Dithan Tuhairwe – 2017- present
The men’s group welcomes all men to St. Peter’s church in all their capacities. We have yearly get together gatherings every December to reflect on the year, and plan forward.
God Bless you all.
Dithan Tuhairwe

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